2 and Under


Our faith can be a powerful transforming factor for different people in different life circumstances and at different stages of life… What unites us all is the desire to embrace the power of faith to become fonder and more caring of each other.

Middle Aged

3 - 6 Age


Here we will kindly show and explain you what the core principles of Christianity stand for. We will be your guides to this world of mutual love and respect, the Holy Bible studying classes and an overall idea of a united community of men and women.

Older Kids

7 - 12 Age


At different times in our lives, we can feel a newly found urge for the divine… We never know when it happens, but we will be there for you as you will be craving for a new sense of Christian empathy, compassion, and brotherly love as our newcomer!

Praise &Worship

Worship is a Celebration !!!


We believe and agree that God is on the move. Training and equipping his people and the worship ministry here at Ascension is a big part of his plan.


We believe that the early church model as outlined in the scriptures has not passed away, but is most certainly alive and well with the outpouring of the spiritual gifts and the signs that follow are for us today.


We believe that worship is not limited to singing on Sunday morning, but worship is how we live our life honoring and praising God through the power of the Holy Spirit each day.

Our worship services are typically led by five core members, two of which lead musically and administratively. Planning and preparation are a big part of what we do from week to week, yet we also understand that submitting to the direction of the King is the most important.  


Our worship time is a combination of hymns, classics and contemporary styles of music yet we also believe there are other forms of worship such as; praise, prayer, interpretation, offering, dance, submission by the raising of hands, prophetic words, healing, receiving, clapping, shouting with joy that are often incorporated in our services to celebrate the Lord and all that he has accomplished for us.  


If you are interested in hearing more or have any questions please contact one of our worship Ministers. Jim Ankrom  937-533-0548 -or-  Micah Selby 937-248-6608.

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