Doug Selby


Our faith can be a powerful transforming factor for different people in different life circumstances and at different stages of life… What unites us all is the desire to embrace the power of faith to become fonder and more caring of each other.


Doug Selby


Here we will kindly show and explain you what the core principles of Christianity stand for. We will be your guides to this world of mutual love and respect, the Holy Bible studying classes and an overall idea of a united community of men and women.


Jerry and Renee Winkler


Our church supports Jerry and Renee Winkler, missionaries to Jamaica.  They met at Christ for the Nations, and shortly after their graduation and wedding they went to Jamaica as missionaries.  They have a large family (now grown), most of whom are adopted Jamaican children.  They have established a very fine Christian school in Montego Bay.

Seek out christians that share your interests and work out how you will enjoy wholesome fun together.



We at ALC beleive the Church is the functioning body of Christ in the world. Therefore all members are called to operate inside the body, as Christ anionts, to expand the kingdom. 5 fold ministry, or servant leadership, as laid out in Ephesians 4, is instituted to bring the members of the body into maturity and the fulfillment of their ministry. This emphasis on the functioning body promotes healthy Church life where the members are ministry and missionally focused. The Church members are encouraged and challenged to opporate in the will of God for themselves, which is always to selflessly love, and minister to the body of Christ and share Him with a lost and dying world.

Rita Booth


We also support the David I Booth Evangelist Association.  David and Rita Booth spent their honeymoon on the mission field, and serving the Lord in Mexico became their life’s work.  David passed away several years ago, but Rita has not missed a beat and continues to support several churches and pastors in Mexico.  




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